Cimatron Support

Support in 3D CAD/CAM system Cimatron for Denmark & Sweden

Contact RD-Support

by e-mail, phone or we login to your screen by GoToMetting.

Who? E-mail Phone
RD-Support’s Office +45 20 80 99 80
Torkil Andersen (Engineer) +45 20 80 99 83
John Arvidsen (Toolmaker, Director) +45 20 80 99 84
Rasmus Arvidsen (Tool Technician) +45 20 80 99 80

What does a Cimatron hotline contain?

A hotline / maintenance agreement includes help and assistances in the daily work with Cimatron. That means getting help to understand features / procedures and setting the right parameters to make the software behave the way we would like.

Cimatron is approximately once a year upgraded. Here is it also possible to get help with these updates and adjustments. Services patches and services packs, which optimizes the system is delivered continuously. New features will be included in these packs.

The following are NOT included in the hotline / maintenance agreement

Consultant work:

RD-support see it as consultant work and not hotline support, when the task takes overhand in man-hours. This can be re-designing of the entire model, adding drafts and rounding to the model. Re-designing the split. Redoing and changing tools to a entire operation and so. We will gladly help you with such problems, so take contact to us.


With a Cimatron 3X or 5X NC solution, their has been paid for standard 3X or 5X postprocessors. This means that, if there is need for new postprocessors to a new machine or functionality, then the payment is only based on the time used to program the new functionality. In the development of a new postprocessor, it is important that the task is specified and documented carefully by both sides.

We have experience by building 50~80 different 3X – 4X and 5X postprocessors. We have also build postprocessors to tool-path controlled EDM machines with rotary heads.. (Undercutting of tracks/slots)



We provide courses of variable length, kept in house or at the customer’s disposal

Modeling courses Milling courses
Basic CAD Design Basic CAM – 3X milling
Quick splite Advanced 3X milling
Surfaces modelling AutoDrill
Mold design / Hasco / Meusburger 4X – 5X production milling
Electrode extraction / drawings Advanced 5X surfaces milling

Want to know more about the courses, when it is held and in how many days and so on, please contact us.

What can Cimatron do for you?



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