Bespoke medical device design and development

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The unique range of skills within RD Support enables efficient Design for Manufacture (DFM) product development.


With proven concept to commercialization experience we develop custom tailored solutions for your next generation product.


A highly specialized research and development company with a passion for developing medical diagnostic devices.


Support in the 3D CAD/CAM system Cimatron for Denmark and Sweden.

Better & Faster

Our small and multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to offer solutions from the initial idea, to design, product development through validation to final product.

Our Holistic Approach

Through our experience developing medical diagnostic devices from concept to commercialisation we know the importance of Design for Manufacture (DFM). Our cross-functional team can support your development with expert level knowledge from rapid prototyping to validation of your disposable device.

Efficient Delivery

Core to our development are a high precision tool and work shop where ideas are turned around in a very short time. Our proprietary in-house rapid tooling technology enables us to combine micron precision, speed and cost effectiveness. Our production set-up allows us to offer technology scalable from few parts in single cavity to millions of parts in multi-cavity tools. You can trust us to help you making your next product a huge success.

Our team

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Claus Marquordt

+44 (0) 79 62 43 54 36
MSc Mechanical Engineering, specialised in biomedical and micro systems engineering; Microfluidics expert; concept to commercialisation


I have a passion for developing smart devices. In the past I have successfully delivered medical devices from concept to commercialisation. One product on the market is Alere™ HeartCheck where I was responsible for the development of the disposable device. I was also responsible for the system integration of new disposable, new reader, new manufacturing line to support the modified assay chemistry. Design for manufacture starts with a design that needs to be right from early on.
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+45 20 80 99 84


John has worked for numerous years with microfluidics and is a specialist for CAD/CAM, CNC machining, mold design, rapid tooling and injection molding.
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Remus Haupt

+1 858 4149143
BSc Instrument Engineering, Huge experience in designing disposables and instrument from making over fifty different micro fluidics concepts/product, from prototyping to final product. Inventor of the mimi RPT system for micro fluidic systems. Many years of plastic molding experience in fluidic microstructure and in high speed assembly of disposable devices.


I have a very strong passion for Design-For-Manufacturing, designing simple, smart and functional solutions that are very reliable. Most of all is the focus on the end-users needs and how the user gets a quality experience with the product. The key to low cost disposables are a mixture of simple smart concept and high speed reliable manufacturing solution.


We are in key locations in Europe and North America.


For Recruiters: At RD Support we like to hire staff directly. We don’t have time to take calls from recruitment companies and any CVs from an agency we do not have a contract with will be considered unsolicited and RD will not be obliged to pay any fees.

Thank you for your understanding.